Behaviour is the study of one.


“Our vision is to create a judgement free environment and safe space for pets and their owners. We aim to provide nurturing and fulfilling programs to our community in helping them to accomplish courageous goals in abundance through passion and perseverance.”


Shelby Thorn Dog Training is a Melbourne based, fear-free animal behaviour consultancy. Our team consists of experienced and respected welfare industry professionals who offer affordable and personalised pet care and behaviour modification services. Our business prioritises personal development so that we’re always guiding our clients to the most up to date, evidence based techniques and we endeavour to always practice the most positive approach known to science. We are able to support clients through the journey of rehabilitating animals who experience anxiety, lack of impulse control, aggression use, and other mental health disorders, and offer care to pets who are identified as having unique medical or behavioral needs.



- Advocate balance and present our community with support
- Provide a wholesome, personalised and gratifying experience
- Practice a holistic, positive and evidence based approach to animal health and welfare
- Encourage ongoing personal growth and professional improvement



As two women who have been earning minimum wage from not-for-profit animal welfare organisations, but want to give their animals the most premium pet care available - we completely understand! 

When we, Shelby and Sharon, entered a partnership, we had lots of big conversations about what we wanted our business to look like, what our values are, and how much they mean to us. Front and foremost was giving everyone the ability to access to behaviour and care services to assist in decreasing overpopulation in animal shelters, and help minimise statistics in rehoming, or sometimes even euthanasia.

It is for this exact reason that we offer a personalised and flexible service that is not 'Moolah' focused. So long as we can pay our bills and feed our own pets - we're happy!

If you're in need of assistance, short or long term, we highly encourage you to reach out to us so that we can chat about an option that is going to assist you best.

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Shelby is absolutely amazing! Caring and passionate, so helpful and supportive. So excited to do some more sessions with her and get our doggies under control.



0407 278 424

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